In my way

by Warhelo



My name is Warhelo, who the fuck are you,
Fucking flintstone, yaba dabo doo,
Talk behind me i say fuck you too,
The only rapper, who never been put in itunes,
Evil eye, Illuminati,
A fucking monster who tryin to talk about it,
It's not my style to be narcotic,
You ask me who you are i say hypnotic,
Ironic everytime you hearin me,
Warhelo with the same old shitt aint a G,
That's what they screamin, terribly,
Damn bitch, i, aint agree,
I am workin hard, night and day,
So never mind what them haterz got to say,
Cus i get faith i am big one day,
And i will never let nobody get in my way,


What did i do to you, what did i do for me,
Everytime i rap they say i'm wannabe,
I'm workin hard night and day,
So never mind what them haterz got to say,

Verse 2 :

Ey it's me, the guy from verse 1,
Remember that yeah that's fun,
Tryin make me stop, take a gun,
Shoot you in the head and that's done,
Never say never and let's make it clever,
Play my songs untill never and ever,
Untill i get famous you can say whatever,
But tthen i promise you say Warhelo forever,
Gosh Gosh please dont stop it,
I'm killin it, yo close the closet,
What you think, just be honest,
I belive i can fly, like a pilot,
Then i crash the, fly like a pilot,
Jump out of the flight, im not heartless,
My mama just told me to use my, Heart Less,


released December 26, 2011



all rights reserved


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Warhelo Norway

Hey y'all , i am a boy from Iraq but live in Norway, music has been one of my hobby since i can remember, but i actually start making it my self like in 2011. Well i just tryin to make Music as my way, i make music cause i love it not for something else.. If you love me that's great, if you hate me whatever. ... more

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