My Life

by Warhelo



This is a track about my life ! With a hook with Kid Twist


Verse 1 -

This is my life, let me live MY LIFE,
Imma bring back music, imma feel so PROUD,
This is my time, it's my time to SHINE,
Keep my head up and imma break the TIME,

15 years now, feel like i am, GROWN UP,
Everybody say, that i can never SHOW OFF,
So imma be the man, who, never GIVE UP,
Trying to make music and tryin to MOVE ON,

Imma be the one who make my haters go CRAZY,
Telling me that i can't RAP, SO DAISY,
Matta fucking been LAZY, Matta fucking been LAZY,
Matta fucking been hatin me, god damn DAILY,

So, imma spit my words, let me GRIND UP,
Rappin on my verses, AH, i am TIGHT UP,
Bad boys in the building, AH, BLOOD UP,
Make my haters go crazy, imma TURNED UP

Verse 2 -

Back to my WORDS back to my WORDS, NOW,
Back to my life and back to my RHYMES
Back to the everything, that i START WITH,
Rappin so hard AH just like J. SMITh,

Mama i love you, please dont, HATE ME,
Please dont make me cry, just like DAILY,
Everytime i rap, feeling like SHADY,
This is my life and i'm livin it DAILY,

love when they hate me and love when they dont HATE,
Imma try to rap and do it for my PLACE,
Yeah bitch, you know i am KURD MADE.
I am proud of my city and i love it to TOP GRADES,
We aint a country, but still we do PRAYES,

20 years now, million of us DIED,
Women runnin and childern they CRIED,
Men they fighting, yeah they fight and they TRIED,
Protect our city from these fucking, DEAD LINES,


released March 25, 2012
Yung South & Kid Twist



all rights reserved


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Warhelo Norway

Hey y'all , i am a boy from Iraq but live in Norway, music has been one of my hobby since i can remember, but i actually start making it my self like in 2011. Well i just tryin to make Music as my way, i make music cause i love it not for something else.. If you love me that's great, if you hate me whatever. ... more

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